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Welcome to the whimsical world of Froggy Hollow, where slowly-made meets adorable design to bring you a range of cute and cosy ceramics.

What started as a creative outlet during lockdowns has blossomed into a small business with a big heart. Founded in 2022, Froggy Hollow has grown into a heartwarming collection of original characters brought to life through ceramics, stationery, and illustrations.

At Froggy Hollow, we believe in the beauty of slow craftsmanship. Each item is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every piece carries the warmth of handmade charm. From ceramic sculptures to intricately designed stationery, our creations integrating whimsy and joy into your everyday life. From adorning your desk with our stationery to sipping coffee from a Froggy Hollow mug, let our creations be a source of comfort, inspiration, and smiles.

Froggy Hollow has been part of several markets, collaborations, exhibitions and has been stocked in stores around Brisbane.

Genki Market
Cavroad Community Market
Mt Gravatt Market
Brisasia Tea Festival
Makeroom Markets
Mini Market 
Ipswich Handmade Expo
Kaiga Convention
Blum & Sol Market Sydney 
Mellow Art Market Melbourne 
Toasty Art Market 

"To the BeauTEAful You" - Utopia
"Our Beloved Summer" - Utopia
"Sweets & Treats" - Makeroom
"Celestial" - Makeroom
Ghibli Group Exhibition - Mechanical Pen

FH x Craft Chino - tufted rugs 
FH x Cherry's Illustrations - ceramic mugs

Kazuyos Collection - West End